Astrology Decoded: a step by step guide to learning astrology by Sue Merlyn Farebrother

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 I am the lead tutor working with 3 other established astrologers in our new online astrology school

The Academy of Astrology UK

Our new Foundation course begins on Wednesday 6 September 2017. We have videos, a free newsletter, and new! monthly mini lectures on beginner level astrology to show you what we do.

Please visit our website for much more info.


I am running a local astrology group talk in Brighton, and a Tarot Workshop in London:

  • Building Confidence Intermediate Tarot workshop: Sunday 25 June at Treadwells, Store St, London WC1

    for more info see Sue’s Diary page 

  • Children’s Charts: on Wednesday evening 21 June 2017  (Summer Solstice)    Evening talk at Brighton & Hove Astrology Club     

Open to all

For further info on this workshop and talk please email me:


Tarot Intermediate Day workshop on Sunday 25 June 2017:

Title: Building confidence with the cards – for Intermediate level. See Sue’s Diary page for more info on the workshop. 

For booking and enquiries contact Treadwells:  or call 0207 419 8507


Please note: 

If you want to contact me, please do not use the Contact page on this website. Please email me on



I am in the process of writing my next astrology book for Rider/Random House/Penguin – which is a follow-up to Astrology Decoded – or is for anyone who simply wishes to learn more about Astrological Forecasting. I will soon begin writing a blog about my progress –

watch this space!


I am delighted to say that Astrology Decoded has been at the top of Amazon’s wished for astrology books list, and number 8 (or 6, depending on the day you look) on their best sellers astrology books!! Very exciting.

And check out reviews of my book here:

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NOTE: If you have logged on to my site in order to generate a birth chart, please go to the Astrology Decoded page, where you will find the link to do this. There have been one or two technical issues with the chart generator recently. If you have difficulties, please email me.

What is astrology?

‘Astrology is the study of the planets as they orbit through the zodiac signs, as viewed from the Earth, and the observed correlations with earthly events.’ From my new book, Astrology Decoded 

That is the simple explanation, but the meaning of those planetary patterns in a birth chart is what concerns most of us. This is explained in depth in my book. You can gain an immense amount of knowledge about yourself and your purpose for being here from studying astrology, or by having your chart read by an experienced professional astrologer. The meaning of the magical symbolism underlying astrology’s firm basis in mathematical astronomy is one of the most profound open secrets of the universe, and anyone who truly wishes to deepen their understanding of life can learn how to do this. If you would like to know more, please visit our new online Astrology School website The Academy of Astrology –


What is tarot? 

With no other “book” than the tarot, a person could in a few years acquire universal knowledge.’ From Transcendental Magic by Eliphas Levi

Many people seek understanding through astrology, or through the tarot. One purpose is to gain more insight into yourself or another person, or to enhance your perception of a situation. Another purpose is to find guidance during a difficult period in your life, or with a particular issue, to ask if there is a better period coming, or when and how a problem will be solved.

Have you ever asked yourself questions such as these:

Is your life what you would like it to be?

Do you feel able to do what you really want to do?

Do you feel fulfilled by your important relationships?

If you have an occupation, is it meaningful to you?

Astrology and tarot are both extraordinary symbolic systems that can deepen your knowledge of yourself, the purpose of your life, and indeed of life itself.

There is much more to astrology or to the tarot than divining your future.

I believe that, based on many years of experience of working with people, you have the power to create your own life, make choices, find courage when it is needed, find your true direction: in other words, you are in control. What I can offer is guidance to open your vision up to new possibilities; help you to deal with change and challenges; support you in becoming more fully who you truly are, in moving towards finding the inner joy that is your birthright. I do this by working with you using the wisdom of the ancient symbols of astrology and tarot, to enhance your ability to transform your life yourself – and to make it last. Click here for information about personal consultations face to face, or by phone or Skype.

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Courses and workshops



My next Tarot beginners course (10 weeks):

  • Thursday evenings from 7 September – 16 November 2017
  • At London School of Astrology (LSA),  Euston Rd, London NW1  2BJ (nearest tube, Euston.)
  • For complete beginners and those who have a little knowledge
  • More info on Sue’s Diary page and at
  • Bookings taken by the LSA by email ( ) or phone 0208 402 7772

For details about future planned courses or workshops/seminars, see Sue’s Diary

For further info on any of the above courses, with no strings (!!) email me on


There are currently no Planetary Magic courses planned. If you are interested, or would like to go on my mailing list for future info, please email me.


Recent talks/workshops

  • The Links between Astrology and Tarot  on Saturday 6 May 2017:    

    Day workshop at Cornwall Astrology Group, Landrake, Cornwall

    ‘It was a perfect day with a great subject..well done!’  Val, participant

  • UK Tarot Conference in London on Saturday 10 October 2015 I lectured on the Influence of the Minor card images. See for info on next year’s Conference.
  • Tarot Beginners Day Workshop: The Magic of Tarot. Saturday 18 July 2015 at Treadwells.
  • Creativity and Change. Evening talk in Croydon. Friday 7 August. At Alternatively Speaking monthly group meetings.


Recently completed international work:

In Melbourne, Australia:   On Saturday 14 March at the Theosophical Bookstore – Magical Thinking and Astrology, and a book signing for Astrology Decoded.

In Melbourne:   On Saturday 21 March at Victorian Astrologers Association (VAA), on the subject of The Power of Chart Imbalances What is missing in the birth chart is just as important as what is present, because whatever is missing tends to have great power over us.  A fascinating astrological exploration.

Tarot workshop at the Riviera Reiki Centre, in the coastal town Villefranche, next door to Nice in France, in October 2014, evening, in English: The Fool’s Journey. I will give new tarot workshops there again in Autumn 2017. Watch this page!

More details of current work are on Sue’s Diary page