‘That which is above is like to that which is below and that which is below is like to that which is above’    Hermes Trismegistus

What is Astrology?

Astrology is an ancient symbolical system which explores the correlations between the planetary cycles and the star patterns in the sky, and the inner consciousness and lives of human beings on earth. The study of the sky has evolved over thousands of years of careful observation, and the astrologers of long ago found a meaningful relationship between the planetary movements and larger historical events.

The emphasis today is on the individual person, although there are many uses to which astrology can be put. The profound meaning found in the birthchart of each unique individual is seen by astrologers as a reflection of the cosmic patterns that formed at their moment of birth.

This is an example of a birthchart – the patterns on your own chart may look different.

Your Birthchart

The chart for your moment of birth can be accurately calculated and drawn up, and is your unique personal birthchart, or horoscope. A birthchart can still be calculated for you even if you are unsure of your time of birth. Your chart shows the key themes of your intrinsic character, your past and potential experiences, and can help to give you a new perspective on your life.

Interpreting a birth chart consists basically of getting to know the four ‘building blocks’: the planets, the zodiac signs, the houses and angles, and the aspects. Very briefly, these are:

The planets represent basic drives, or archetypes, in the essential make-up of every human being. (e.g. your sense of identity, your need for emotional security, your type of thinking, your way of loving, etc).

The zodiac signs describe the ways in which these drives are expressed.

The houses and angles indicate in which areas of a person’s life these essential drives will be experienced.

The aspects are the relationships between the planets, and show ways in which the planets’ meanings will be enhanced by contact with other planets.

In-depth descriptions and explanations of these ‘building blocks’, and much more besides are in the pages of Astrology Decoded.

The patterns in the cosmos continue to change throughout a lifetime, and are known as ‘transits’ to the natal chart. These together with other astrological forecasting techniques such as ‘progressions’ (when one day of actual planetary movement symbolically equals a year of your life), are used to explore the underlying meanings of, and purpose of, events, challenges and opportunities in your life, usually for the year ahead. Forecasting with astrology will be the subject of a future book of mine.

Using astrology in this way will enhance your self-knowledge. Understanding your experiences astrologically can help to channel your creative responses, and support you in dealing with your challenges.

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